24/7 Wet Wall Drying

Drying wet walls can be a challenge. Not all walls are alike. Using the best way to for each situation is the key. Sometimes the walls can be saved completely intact. Other times complete removal of all wet surfaces is best. Knowing how to dry each situation makes the difference.

Hidden mold is the real problem in drywall walls. Mold can grow undetected behind the sheetrock and cannot be seen. There are many methods for saving the damaged wall. After a thorough inspection and providing our recommendations we consult with you as to the best way your damp walls should be dried out.

    Drying Wet Walls:
  • Moisture Test Damp Walls
  • Heat Dry Walls
  • Injectidry System Walls
  • Set up Drying Equipment
  • Apply Antimicrobials
  • Test Drying Complete
Wet Wall Drying

We have been drying wet walls for 30 years and will help you choose the best way to dry out and avoid hidden mold damage. Some methods available: heat drying, in place drying, injectidry systems, limited opening of affected area, removal of wet materials, and many more.

    Fast Wall Drying Can Prevent:
  • Structural damage
  • Hidden Mold
  • Basement Smell
  • Wall Repair
  • Wall Molding Replacement
  • Weeks of Demolition & Reconstruction

Drying wet ceiling, walls and carpet from water damage without demolition. Specialized drying using heat, very dry air and a lot of air movement allow in place drying and restoration cleanup without demolition of damp walls. AAA Flood Drying has been drying out homes and businesses and preventing severe damage for more than 30 years.


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