24/7 Flooded Basement cleanup

When dealing with a flooded basement caused by ground water or a leaking water heater, time is of the essence to prevent mold from forming. Most people focus their attention on the wet soaked carpet that they can see and would like it to be dried and saved. But the real damage is hidden wicking moisture in the walls, this is where mold can grow and cannot be seen.

Pumping deep water out of the flooded basement is the first step followed by water extraction from the soaked carpet and floor. Thorough drying of the wet walls and structure as well as application of an antimicrobial are key to preventing mold damage.

    Flooded Basement Dry Out:
  • Pump Deep Water
  • Carpet Water Removal
  • Moisture Test Walls
  • Set up Drying Equipment
  • Apply Antimicrobials
  • Test Drying Complete
Flooded Basement

Removing as much moisture as fast as possible from the soaked basement carpet and pad is critical to the dry out success. By using advanced drying methods AAA Flood Drying can save more carpet, pad and wet walls to reduce repair costs.

30 years of experience providing water damage restoration service has taught us many ways to save your home from mold damage expenses.

    Fast Basement Drying
    Can Prevent:
  • Wet Carpet Replacement
  • Moldy Carpet Pad Odor
  • Save Furniture and Contents
  • Fix up and Repair costs
  • Mold Damage Remediation
  • Weeks of Demolition & Reconstruction

Flooded basement service, flooded basement pumping and water removal service.

We specialize in pumping out flooded basements and buildings, from large commercial buildings to homes. We have a large inventory of pumps, ranging from small to the floor pumps for homes to very large capacity high head pumps for commercial buildings.


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